InPromptYou - AI News Bites
InPromptYou - AI News Bites

A quick selection of TOP AI news handpicked and provided to you.

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📰 AI Bites: Your Weekly Digest of AI News

🏢 Enterprise AI

  • ChatGPT for Businesses
    • OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise, designed to keep business data safe and enhance productivity. Priority access to GPT-4 for ChatGPT Enterprise users.80% of Fortune 500 companies have employees using ChatGPT for work.
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  • Generative AI Tech Stack
    • A deep dive into the tech stack that powers generative AI, including hardware, frameworks, and ethical considerations.
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  • PayPal Uses AI to Combat Fraud
    • PayPal integrates AI to improve security and streamline the payment process.
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  • Content Scrambling in AI
    • “Black-hat” marketers are using AI models like ChatGPT to scramble existing articles from reputable sources.
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🌐 AI in Communication & Collaboration

  • AI in Google Workspace
    • Google unveils Duet AI, a virtual assistant across Google apps like Meet, Chat, and Gmail.
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  • Yahoo Mail Gets Smarter
    • Yahoo Mail adds an AI feature that helps you search your inbox more efficiently.
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  • AI in Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Teams integrates AI to improve video meetings with features like real-time translation.
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  • Claude vs. ChatGPT in Copywriting
    • Claude is emerging as a strong competitor to ChatGPT in the field of copywriting.
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  • Low-Code AI Tools
    • Innovating with AI offers a cheat sheet for building AI-powered apps without coding skills.
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🎉 AI in Entertainment & Services

  • AI in Entertainment and Dining
    • Fox Sports, Six Flags, and IHOP integrate AI into their products via Google Cloud.
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  • DoorDash Develops Voice Orders
    • DoorDash is working on AI agents that will soon handle voice orders.
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  • AI in Gaming
    • NVIDIA introduces AI features to enhance real-time ray tracing in video games.
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  • AI Predicts John Lewis’ Christmas Ad
    • Marketing agency Boutique uses ChatGPT to predict the plot of the iconic John Lewis Christmas ad.
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  • AI Stock Boom
    • Goldman Sachs analysts predict a 72% increase in earnings per share for AI companies.
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💰 AI in Fundraising & Investments

  • AI Leaders in Senate Forum to “lay down a new foundation for AI policy.”
    • Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and other AI leaders will attend the Senate’s AI forum in two weeks.
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  • AI in Marketing
    • AI is increasingly being used in marketing, from predicting Christmas ads to content scrambling.
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