Awesome tool, enabled us to created an AI QR code in…. 30 secs, in 3 steps!
We used the free version!

AI-generated QR codes are now the new thing in the realm of digital marketing and customer engagement. These dynamic codes, tailored to individual user data or behaviour, offer a level of personalization previously unattainable.
Businesses across sectors, particularly in retail, hospitality, and event management, are finding them invaluable for delivering bespoke content, offers, or information. The commercial advantages are substantial, encompassing enhanced customer engagement, increased sales via personalized promotions, and invaluable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

  1. Click on the link below to access StockImg

  • 2. Enter your prompt

→ Describe the image you want to have in your QR code

→ Enter the link your QR code should redirect to when scanned Prompt (example used above):

Robots, dynamic lighting and cinematic shot, hyper detailed, Unreal Engine, fantasy art, matte painting, HD

  • 3. Generate and download

→ Click on “Generate”

→ Click on “Export” to download your QR code

Image from

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