You know the feeling. It’s a sunny Friday afternoon, and you’re counting down the minutes to the sweet freedom of the weekend, when suddenly… your boss pings you with a “tiny” last-minute task. Just a “small favour”, they say, asking for a detailed PowerPoint presentation on the latest AI tools boosting productivity – due first thing Monday. Your heart rate spikes, your palms get sweaty, and your weekend plans start fading faster than your boss’s memory of having ever promised you work-life balance.

But hold on! No need to cancel your weekend Netflix binge or your appointment with the comfy couch just yet. Let me introduce you to your new secret weapon: ChatGPT’s Bing module….

This not-so-secret agent has the power to scour the internet for information faster than you can say “Why me?”. All while you’re sipping your coffee, ChatGPT will be fetching you the latest info on AI tools, automating your slide creation, and even adding a dash of wit to impress your boss. With ChatGPT, it’s not just easy-peasy but also breezy. So sit back, relax, and let ChatGPT do the heavy lifting while you get back to your weekend chill. Your PowerPoint presentation? It’s practically making itself.

here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a PowerPoint presentation using the VBA code that we have created.

1. Open PowerPoint and Create a New PresentationSo far easy!

To start, open PowerPoint and create a new presentation. You can do this by clicking on “File” in the top left corner, then “New”, and then “Blank Presentation”. You can also use an existing presentation if you prefer. This will serve as the base for the slides that you’re going to add.

  • In our example we created a new presentation and called it “Presentation2”. You can instruct ChatGPT to create a brand new presentation as well.

2. Access the VBA Editor and Insert a New Module Get ready to “NO CODE”

Next, you need to access the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Editor. You can do this by pressing “ALT + F11” on your keyboard. This will open a new window where you can write and manage your VBA code.

In the VBA editor, go to “Insert” in the top menu, and then click on “Module”. This will create a new module where you can paste the VBA code.

3. Paste the VBA Code 1 minute of cleaning….

  • In Chat GPT make sure you use the the Web Browsing Model (Bing, requires Chat GPT PLUS subscription)
  • In our example we will ask Chat GPT to generate VBA code to fetch the 3 most popular AI tools for productivity in 2023.
  • The possibilities are endless, you can ask for the most popular topics, the best rated amazon products, the most downloaded songs… Whatever interests you!
  • Here is our prompt, adapt it to your needs (or your boss needs…)

I have a powerpoint presentation called “Presentation2”.
1. I want to add 5 slides about the latest tools for AI.
2. look On internet for the 3 most used AI tools for productivity.
3. Then, I WANT YOU TO CREATE THE VBA CODE to add the slides to my presentation.
4. First slide is the opening slide explaining how AI can boost productivity, I want 3 slides about the most used AI tools for productivity and I want a last slide telling readers how to reach out for more info through

In the module that you just created, paste the VBA code that we have created. This code includes a subroutine called “AddSlides” that, when run, will add new slides to the end of your presentation. These slides will have predefined titles and content based on the research that we have done on AI tools for productivity.

The VBA code creates five slides: an opening slide explaining how AI can boost productivity, three slides about the most used AI tools for productivity (Jasper, WriteSonic, and Descript), and a final slide telling readers how to reach out for more information through the website

You should get something like this:

4. Run the VBA Code… Like a pro!

  • You might need to do a tiny bit of cleaning (or adapt the prompt) to remove the links to the resources.
  • The compiler will scream at you and show you “sources…” Just removing them
  • Or simply add to your prompt. Do not provide links to sources.

Now you are ready to run the VBA code. You can do this by pressing “F5” on your keyboard, or by going to “Run” in the top menu and then clicking on “Run Sub/UserForm”. Make sure your cursor is inside the “AddSlides” subroutine before you try to run it.

When the VBA code is run, it will add the new slides to your presentation. You can then view these slides in PowerPoint and edit them further if needed.

  • Keep in mind that VBA doesn’t handle citations directly, so you might need to manually add the sources to the slide notes or include them in the slide content as per your preference. Also, the text for each slide is a simplified version of the research I found.
  • You may want to expand on these summaries or adjust them according to your specific needs.

Select a cool style using the slide designer tool in PowerPoint et Voila!

After mastering the art of ‘ChatGPT PowerPoint wizardry’, don’t be surprised if your next ‘small favour’ from the boss is a corner office with a promotion!

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