Buckle up, because Microsoft is adding an AI assistant, Windows CoPilot, to Windows 11 – and it’s not here just for a joyride.

A New CoPilot Is Taking Off on Windows 11, and It's Not Your Average Flight!

In a classic, and possibly awkward, Microsoft move, they’re adding a new buddy, CoPilot, to Windows 11. “Remember those cool Copilot sidebars in Edge, Office apps, and even GitHub? Well, we’re doing that again – but this time, it’s in Windows 11!”, said a random Microsoft engineer… we didn’t really ask.

InPromptYou – A New CoPilot Is Taking Off on Windows 11, and It’s Not Your Average Flight!

Unlike your childhood imaginary friend, this one sticks around. Panos Panay, the grand high wizard of Windows and devices, describes it as your new clingy BFF: “Once open, the Windows CoPilot side bar sticks around like that cousin at family events, seamlessly integrating across all your apps, programs, and windows.”

Now you might be thinking, “Doesn’t this sound like Cortana 2.0?” Well, it’s similar, but with some key differences. Where Cortana was the ‘personal productivity assistant’ who really just wanted to help you remember your grocery list, CoPilot is more like that smart friend who always did well in school and now helps you navigate complex tasks and settings.

With Windows Copilot, you can ask things like, “Hey, can you adjust my settings so I can focus?” – because who has the time or patience for manual settings adjustments anymore? CoPilot isn’t just another Bing Chat link on your taskbar – it’s more like Bing Chat’s cooler, older sibling.

This new AI assistant isn’t just satisfied with living inside your computer. It’s built on the same tech that powers Bing Chat, meaning developers can use their Bing or OpenAI’s ChatGPT plugins to keep adding functionality. As we all know, with great plugins come great functionalities.

“Now, we can’t say for sure, but it feels like Microsoft has been hinting about this kind of thing for a while. We all thought they were just bluffing, but it looks like they’ve pulled a fast one,” says expert tech analyst, Ava Matrix.

Microsoft seems to have a burning desire to integrate AI into Windows and make the OS as intuitive as possible. After all, as Panay once said, “AI is going to reinvent how you do everything on Windows.” This seems to be a not-so-subtle way of saying, “Hold my beer, Cortana.”

Public testing for the new Windows CoPilot will take off in June, hopefully not experiencing any turbulence as it makes its way to all Windows 11 users.

This is sure to be a game-changer, bringing a more dynamic and customizable experience to users. As Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, once said, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” This quote feels apt here because Microsoft seems to be striving for the sky with CoPilot, hoping to make users’ experience important enough to bet against the odds.

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