ChatGPT for Enterprise will change the game!
ChatGPT for Enterprise will change the game!

OpenAI is launching ChatGPT Enterprise, a powerful version of ChatGPT designed to keep businesses’ data safe. This could be the solution for big companies — Klarna, Canva, & The Estée Lauder Companies included — who’ve been using ChatGPT Enterprise to boost their productivity and creativity. ChatGPT Enterprise is SOC 2 compliant and does not use your data to train their models. What happens in ChatGPT, stays in ChatGPT.

OPENAI Announcement of ChatGPT for Enterprise

It’s ChatGPT on fire:
1️⃣ Unlimited access to GPT-4.
2️⃣ higher speed (up to 2x).
3️⃣ 4x longer context windows for prompts or files.
4️⃣ advanced data analysis capabilities.
5️⃣ customization options coming soon.

Why it matters: This matters A LOT because it’s one step closer to integrating AI into the core operations of every company.

🔈 OpenAI says ChatGPT Enterprise can help businesses save up to 20% of their time and costs by automating tasks such as content creation, customer service, sales and marketing, data analysis, research and learning.

“ChatGPT Enterprise has cut down research time by an average of an hour per day, increasing productivity for people on our team. It’s been a powerful tool that has accelerated testing hypotheses and improving our internal systems” Jorge Zuniga, Head of Data Systems and Integrations at Asana

…But there’s a catch: customizing ChatGPT to your company-specific data and apps like Salesforce will require high-level security measures. This is not a trivial task, and it could pose some risks for your data privacy and protection.
…And , the 2 🐘 in the room remain:
🐘 It’s (probably) expensive: OpenAI hasn’t released the price, and some folks expect it to start at ~$100k/year. That’s a hefty investment for a tool that’s still in its infancy.
🐘 There’s the plagiarism problem: OpenAI is under fire for alleged creative theft, which could raise eyebrows for some companies. How do you know that the content you generate with ChatGPT is original and not copied from somewhere else?

Full post about the announcement here

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